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November 24, 2015
Ladder Season 17 Updates

As ladder reset today, we are moving all our ladder items to non ladder section. While the items on Softcore and Hardcore Non Ladder will still be on sale

We will add new ladder items quickly as we did before. Afford cheap, Nice items and fast service for you as usual! Happy leveling/farming for New Ladder season 17!
New Ladder Massive Price Drops!
First of all, D2sale.com would like to inform all the ladder players that the ladder reset is completed for half month. most of the regular items are back and the prices now are very reasonable.
all of runes, runewords , unquies , charms, jewels, sets even some magic items. you can find all gears what you need and join the game even more easily and quickly.
Rares and more magic items will be going up in just a few more days, so if you can't find exactly what you need, check back tomorrow.
addition , we also have one good news for non ladder players. The hot product, ladder only items in non-ladder are re-stock.You can buy all the products (like ladder only items) on our web with very cheap prices. All the items are stock with limited Qty and please buy it now before they are all sold out.
Now buy some new gears for your custom character, enjoy diablo 2 and have fun!!!
New Merc and more Gear Packages Now Added
It is now possible to buy complete, perfectly-tuned sets of gear for your Mercenaries, and we've got a selection appropriate for Mercs from Act I, II, II or V. and its only start at $3.95 to $34.95 for a real godly set.
Massive Price Drops!
Hurray, we have just dropped our Diablo 2 items unique/magic/rare items prices! They are now at historically low, 2 x legit Stone of Jordan will only cost you $1.25 now, skill charms with +10 life only $.65 and many more exciting items at mind-blowing cheap prices!
Get free stuff when you buy Diablo 2 Items!
Spent $10 or more in an order , you can choose 2 free items from a gift list upon you check out. dont miss it!
Massive rare item added!
a massive selection of the craziest Rare rings , amulets , diadems , belts , boots are available for purchase.
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Spent $10 or more in an order , you can choose free item from a gift list upon you check out.
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